The shop

The Attica Center of Worry beads The Amber is located at Voulis 35 in Athens, very near in the Constitution Square.

Here, you will find a rich collection of jewels, objects and worry beads of qualitative manufacture, made from Amber, Giousouri, Fatouran, Ivory, and by an assortment of other materials. The Worry beads are selected from the owners of the establishment and are manufactured in countries that are traditionally connected with the history of amber and worry beads.
In the shop you will find worry beads of various values, made from craftsmen that follow the traditional methods of craftsmanship within their culture, such as: Greek, Syrian, Urals, Egyptian, Iranian, Azerbaijani, Yemen etc.

At Attica Center of Worry beads The Amber you can find the following items:
Collection of Worry Beads. (Worry Beads Made From Amber, Giousouri, Fatouran, Ivory etc.) Collection of Jewels (Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Medallions)
Collection of Objects, Walking Sticks, Paper Cutters
Items for Smokers (Snuff Boxes, Pipes)
Gift Items (Post Cards, Decorative Items)
 Amber Mirrors
Guarantee - The Amber

Most worry beads, jewels and objects that you will find in Attica Center of Worry beads The Amber are hand-made. They are distinguished for their design and quality of workmanship but also for their extremely reasonable prices.

Each sale is accompanied with the appropriate documents of authenticity and signatures to guarantee product genuineness.

Map & instructions

The shop is in Athens, Voulis 35, very near to the Syntagma square and is open at the normal shop hours every day except Sunday. You can reach Syntagma square almost from every point in Athens.


Opening hours: 

Monday - Wednesday - Saturday : 10:00 a.m - 16:00 p.m

Tuesday - Thursday - Friday : 10:00 a.m - 20:00 p.m 

a) From Piraeus: With the bus 040
b) From Airport: With the EXPRESS Ε95
c) By Subway: Ethniki Amyna - Monastiraki line M3
d) From Metamorfosi: With the bus 209